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are for Drafts 3.6 or lower.

New Draft with Template

Install   Type: URL

This action demonstrates use of Drafts' own URL schemes in a URL action to create a new draft with a predefined template.

This sample will create a new draft, ready to edit, with a time stamp (using Drafts' [[time]] tag) already filled in as the first line.

This can be edited to include a TextExpander shortcut. For example, if you had a meetings notes template with the shortcut “,,mtg”, change the [[time]] tag in this URL action to “<<,,mtg>>” and set the “Expand TextExpander snippets in actions” setting in Drafts to “Fenced”. Then firing this action would open a new draft with the meeting notes template already included.

This can be a real time saver if you regularly base new drafts on certain template texts.